Tuesday, March 13, 2007

God Thing~

Well, my uncle has been through a therapy session that I think every warm blooded American oughta take into consideration. The suggestion was made for him to create a survival kit for those times of overwhelming stress and anxiety. He was told to make a list of possible items that pertain to each of the five senses. His two favorite items that he listed for the sense of taste were sour gummy worms and black licorice.

Yesterday while browsing the Cabela's store, my aunt picked up about six candy items to take to the hospital for my uncle. She walked in and presented him with part of his surprise, a package of sour gummy worms and black licorice. He asked, "Did someone from here call you?" She assured him that they hadn't called and that it was a God-incidence, a.k.a. God thing.

Another God thing happened this morning. Last night, my uncle shared the 'rest' of the list of favorites. One of the favs for the sense of hearing was a duck call. A friend and business associate stopped by the house this morning and mentioned that someone from work wanted to do something special for Leroy. The guy has a talent...making homemade duck calls out of wood and would be starting one for Leroy. Donna and I shot each other a quirky glance and busted out laughing..."dudu dudu"...another God thing!!!

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I'd love to add your post about the God Thing to my site at www.god-incidence.com if that's ok with you?