Saturday, November 08, 2008

Locked 'n Loaded

I don't remember ever posting about my trip to Keller. A few months ago, I went with Aunt Donna to a 'Divas' shooting thingie. It was at a shooting range in the metro area. We shot rifles, shot guns, bb guns and pistols of all caliburs. We learned to fly and spin cast. It was soooo fun! My first time to ever shoot a gun. And I might add, that I was in shock when I actually hit some of those orange things that were flying across the sky.
Last night...the fruit of my labor...we spot and stalked and I got my very first deer with Kent. I'm pumped! No Rodney, I didn't get it with my car! (I resemble that remark) Want some jerky?


Anonymous said...

I am jealous of your deer, I have been wanting to go hunting so bad!!!! CONGRATS on the deer!!!

Love ya,
Kelsie Taylor

Tammie said...

May I use this on our website? Congrats! I am so proud of are holding the banner high...Pass it on!
Judy P. Rhodes
Texas Women's Shooting Sports/DIVAS

Tammie said...


I don't mind and I hope you don't mind cuz I used your comment on my blog!!! Thank you for what you do for gals like me. And thank you for making a point to welcome my aunt and me, that day at the clinic.

God Bless, Tammie

In_spired said...

ummmm....a subject I know "nuttin" about..

But I suppose congrats are in to my 'inspiration'...Love ya!

Tammie said... hun, you inspire me!

But, ya know? My inspiration for hunting has been the new found love for venison jerky and shall I say, "How darn expensive any sort of jerky is in the store!"

Since we've been doing wildgame processing, I've learned an appreciation for it in the 'well-done' manner. My hubby does it well!

hehe...before the Divas' trip, I knew nuttin' about the subject of shooting. And I still don't know much, but I can no longer claim that 'I can't hit the broad side of a barn' cuz I proved that theory wrong the other day. I got an effective 'down deer' shot with minimal damage to the meat. Yeah! I'm soooo glad that Bambie, I mean Mr. Jerky, didn't flop around and suffer.

Anonymous said...

Congrats honey, I'm proud of you.

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my niece (snif-snif). She is a fast learner.
love ya Tam
Aunt Donna

Anonymous said...




Tammie said...

Awwwweee shucks! Y'll are so sweet. Thanks for sharing in my excitement!

Anonymous said...

Judy forwarded your story to me. I remember my 1st deer like it was yesterday. I am so excited for you. I mounted my 1st horns, regardless of size, with a photo attached. For me it is about the memory not the size. It was a special plaque I found at one of the sporting good stores. The plaque had a place for a photo along with the horns.

Where do you live?

Anginette Cells Jorrey
DIVA Int'l/Int'l Liaison Coordinator
Life Member

Tammie said...

I live in Goree, Texas, a rural town in north central Texas. Thank you for contacting me…that means a lot!

Wow, what a neat story. Thanks for sharing your experience…I’ve saved the head but didn’t know what I wanted done with it. Hubby thinks I should do a European mount with it. I didn’t have them save the cape, so I may be limited in what I can do.

It was quite a hilarious moment to say the least. The only one other time I’ve hunted was a week prior to this kill and after a cactus in the butt and a mosquito bite on the cute little area over the waist of my jeans where my shirt peeked up a little, I decided to carry along a cushion from my outdoor patio furniture. I thought the scent of cats and a dog would make the hunt more authentic. Lol

So, here I go with a large cushion, camera, gloves, binoculars, journal, (thought I’d do some writing) gun…and then he said that he spotted some across the field and we were going to stalk them. I looked at him funny and said…how am I gonna sneak up on anything with all this mess?

We did!!!! Those deer are either deaf, blind or my husband is that good. haha

Thanks again for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Mounts are a personal preference. I like European mounts myself for a good basic mount, especially for just a head and horns type of mount. Since my hubby and I are both hunters, we do a simple horn mount or else there will not be enough room on the wall. However, when I shoot "the one" I am going to have a traditional shoulder mount done.

BTW, I find that deer are not as smart as my hubby tells me they are. My conclusion was that all these stories were made up by male hunters who missed their shots all those years. I had just taken a girlie shower and washed my hair the morning I shot my 10 point. So much for smelling like dirt.

Enjoy your day. xoxo DIVA Bunny

wilma said...

I'm impressed! Go Girl!

Tammie said...

It may not be a 'moose', but who knows what the future holds? I'm a Sarah Palin wanna be!

carolinefromgoree said...

I am so proud of you for having the courage to take down Bambie. That took alot of testicular fortitued I would think.I would just like to say for all those who don't know you like I do. Watch out because my friend Tammie doesn't miss.
Your Partner In Crime

Tammie said...

hahahahaaaa, Caroline, you crack me up! And since you know me sooo well, you know that I wasn't sure when it came right down to it if I would pull the trigger. I kept hearing your voice, "Think jerky, Tam, jerky!" And walla, it worked! Love you girl! I cannot wait to taste it today when it comes off the dehydrator!

The Scoop said...

Wow! Who would have dreamed you'd get that kind of feed back from the sporting world! Well, who besides you and me? Now, how about that Diva package we were talking about putting together for our area?

Oh and Woo Hoo way to go on the shooting, hunting, adopting hubby's passions etc etc!!!

But really my favorite thing on the Blog was the music!!!!!! You gotta take mercy on me and teach me how to do some of this. Oh, and spend a few hours with me soon. We have so much exciting news to catch up on!

I'm going to take off a few days next week, play Mom and Grandma and cowgirl. Yea!

Love ya!