Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Go God!

At church Miss Peggy shared a testimony that blessed our socks off! Miss Peg was laid off from her job a month or so ago and the thought of giving $50 bills for birthday gifts to two grandkids was weighing heavy on her heart. The birthdays were right around the corner and she was praying for a miracle to appear right around the corner (literally). As she went on her walk that day, her route weaved through the neighborhood right past the park. Her prayer that day, 'when I walk by the park, Lord, let me find a hundred dollar bill'. No miracle on 13th Street that day! The next day she prayed again, 'Lord, let me find a hundred dollar bill at the park'. Corners came and went and no miracle on 13th or Cisco Street that day, either.

Then the unimaginable became imaginable. While searching for a receipt in her purse, practically turning it inside out, she gasped. In a zipper pocket, rarely used, there it was...'A HUNDRED DOLLAR BILL'!!! It just so happened (God-incidence), that the remainder of her December 15th Christmas bonus was exactly one hundred dollars and hidden snuggly away for a rainy day!

Nothing is impossible with God!


Anonymous said...

I search the web for stories like your's. It is so good to see and hear how God is involved in our daily lives - He really does care. Thanks for sharing. See www.god-incidence.com for more stories like this one - I've added a link to your's also. Bless you.

i'm_inspired said...

Even knowing how God can work, a story like this still 'blows me away'!

Love it!!

Kathie Thomas said...

Tammie, can you get in touch with me please? I'm publishing a book on God-Incidences and would like to include your story. I can be contacted via my blog at www.god-incidence.com.